This page will (hopefully!) help you diagnose what is going on with your data and why you cannot see the data appearing on the map.

Do I send correctly my data?

When you send your UDP packet, the server should return Accepted with a link to a report. The report will be viewable online if and only if there are errors during the parsing process. Otherwise the URL will return a 404 Not Found error.

If you do not get an Accepted response you should start by checking your connectivity and the way you send it to our server.

You also have a shortcut to display latest 20 error reports at the given URL:

The report should contain a hint on why your payload has been rejected.

It may also be because the server is down, at least verify that you can ping it and contact us.

The Python client should work, you can try and introspect the way we send the payload to investigate your particular case.

Note that Accepted + the report link are only returned for debugging purpose as UDP does not require any answer from the server. It may change in the future and you should not rely on the content of that response.

Is my data valid for the server?

Once you are sure the server received the packet, if it is still not on the map, it probably comes from the content of the payload. We provide reports for basic investigation about what went wrong.

The key to retrieve the report is a md5hash of your payload, you can generate it this way under Linux:

echo -n 'your raw payload' | md5sum

And that way under OSX:

echo -n 'your raw payload' | openssl md5

Once you have that 32-characters key, you can forge the given URL:

It should return a JSON which contains a human readable error.

My position is allowed and the conformity API states the contrary

The error is probably on our side. Please contact us with the latitude and longitude you tried.