Deployment (internal)

Deployment is automated with Fabric (v2).

Here are the main commands

Server bootstrapping

fab -eH bootstrap deploy

Restart services

fab -eH restart

To restart only some services

fab -eH restart --services "squirrel owl"

Updating code

fab -eH deploy

Getting services logs

fab -eH logs

Getting services short status

fab -eH list

Getting services full status

fab -eH status

Remote systemctl call

fab -eH systemctl "cat wolverine"

Remote pip call

fab -eH pip freeze

Generating and pushing documentation

fab -eH docs

Installing SSH keys

From ssh_key_urls entry of the fabric.yml file.

fab -eH ssh_keys

Initialize data for Skunk

fab -eH skunk_cli parse_sia_xml --local-file local/path/to/SIA.xml