Welcome to the French Drone API documentation

This is a documentation intended to developers only. You need to know what is an API, an HTTP request and a JSON payload to continue.

For drones owners’ documentation, please consult the public website.

Project Goal

Provide tools and resources to be in conformance with the law and soon to be published decree.


  • Create a central place for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) owners to make them aware of the responsibilities and rights they have as drivers within the public aerial space.
  • Provide an open Application Programming Interface (API) and a public map to check the status of given positions against geo-fences.
  • Provide an open API and a map to visualize current and past submitted positions.

Project status

  • Project phase: prospecting
  • Current phase goals: getting users feedback
  • Stability: unstable
  • Details: API signatures and IHM may change very often, please introduce yourself to the team if you are using the service as a beta tester so you will be informed about changes (no changelog/history will be maintained during this project phase except git logs from public repositories)


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